Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another One

For years, I have held that we celebrate birthdays incorrectly in our world.  What, exactly, did the "birthday person" do that is so worth celebrating?

Really, the one honored only had to live!!

It was the parents who provided all the amenities of life and helped the celebrant continue to exist.

What we should do is send a present to our parents every birthday to show them how much we appreciate them not killing us as teenagers!

You might have guessed -- I had another birthday yesterday.  It was grand and I am now that much closer to the dirt bath that is coming.

The family was really nice and even the kids at school got in on the act.  Thanks to you all.

And maybe I will get a present for my folks to thank them for the things they made possible when they decided not to terminate my existence during those horrible years.  :-)

Thanks Mom and Dad.  I love you both.

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