Friday, February 10, 2012

He's Back

Well, he finally made it home.  On Wednesday, February 8th, we went to the airport and picked Joel up from his two year mission to California.  He looks good and acts pretty normal (or at least as normal as a newly returned missionary acts) so we decided to keep him.

When he got home, the whole family gathered round and let him regale us with stories and experiences of his travels.  There was a lot of noise so I'm not really sure what he said.  Maybe we can go over it later, when I don't have so many distractions.

These little folks were most excited to see "Uncle Joel" because he is their favorite uncle.

I took some pictures at the airport but when we got home I discovered they were really videos (too big to put here).  For some more good shots, chug on over to Missy's blog and take a gander.  I will have more on the whole experience in a few days.

BTW, those of you waiting for more pics of Mom and Dad's anniversary, hang in there.  I haven't gotten any from the dudes who were doing the picture taking.  I WILL get some and put them up as soon as I can.  


Melissa DeMoux said...

It was a very good day, thanks for having such wonderful kids cause I like my brothers. (p.s "there favorite uncle"...seriously grammar man? might want to check that). Sure do love you Dad, it's a good thing you set the missionary example way back when.

The Whitmer's said...

I know not of what you speak. If you look on the blog, the word is spellled correctly. THTHTHTHTHTHTHT!!!!