Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family Dinner/Birthday

Every month we get together with all the kids and their families for dinner and a project.

We try to rotate whose house hosts the happenings so we can do something at their place.

Sometimes the project is tilling a garden or maybe trimming roses.  We have even painted sheds and dug 'crypts' on occasion.

Other times, when no one has a project, we just do something fun..  

 March was one of those months.  Josh and Heather were hosting but they had no big project  (Thankfully, they have gotten rid of most of their roses).

 There's a nice park near where they live (Brian and Paula too) so we all gathered there and let the kids have fun.  

 After an hour or so of feeding ducks, throwing rocks in the lake and other "childish" things we let the little ones have some fun on the playground equipment.

We are really glad everyone lives so close -- and hope they keep it that way.

In case you didn't get the hint!!!


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