Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photos Finally

Some weeks ago I promised to post a few photos from the 50th Anniversary celebration we had for my folks.  They have finally been sent out so here is what it looked like for part of the time.

This is the happy Anniversary couple.  Doesn't Dad look happy?!!??!!

Dad has never been one to offer much in the way of hugs and stuff so this is a nice photo.  I know it gets him nervous but maybe with Mom he has gotten used to it.  Several of us make it a point to give him a hug -- because we love him -- but also because we like to see him squirm to get away when we encircle him with our arms.  It's High Entertainment for all present.  Thanks Dad for the good times.

My niece, Jennifer, was successful getting Dad to smile ---- sort of --- whatever she did must have been really good cause Mom seems to have lost it.  Way to go Jen.
These are the surviving children of Rex and Catherine Whitmer.  Sort of a motley crew, especially that front row group (not Mom and Dad-- but the rest of us).  At least we all cleaned up well and seemed to be having fun.  Someone said David (1st on left) and Jim (2nd from right) look the most alike.  I think all the ones on the back row look similar so I guess that leaves Rex III (also known as "little Rex or Rexie") (all the way right) and me (2nd from left) as the outcasts.  We do have one other brother but he is waiting for us in the Spirit World.  Kinda wish we could have known him more here but it will be a sweet reunion when we get there.

Teresa and I were the only ones from our part of the family to make it down for the celebration.  I'm almost smiling -- must have inherited that from Dad.  What you can't see is that Teresa is pinching me SEVERELY in an effort to get some reaction.  That's probably about all she can get from an old duffer like me.  :-)
And this is the whole group that was down for the event.  Lots of heritage for a couple of normal folk like my Mom and Dad.  We sure loved being there and hope they enjoyed the time we had with them.  

Only a few more years and Teresa and I will have a similar party with our kids.  I better not be drooling on myself by then!!!

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there's no repeat button said...

Hi! I am a Whitmer in Utah and I came across your blog! Rex's brother Cecil Paul is my Grandpa! I think it is amazing that there are so many Whitmers that I don't know!