Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Times

 Josh and Heather have been off on a wonderful vacation for the past couple of weeks.  The MBA program Josh is finishing has a tour they take students on as part of their business training and if they want, they can take their spouse.  Their trip was to Dubai, Turkey and Spain to visit some of the business and financial institutions in each country.  Here are a couple of the sites they were able to visit.
Dubai -- Worlds tallest building

Cool Mosque
The Lobby of their hotel in Dubai

Wouldn't it be nice to have rules in our malls!!
Again in Turkey
Looking up at the tallest building
Josh and Heather in Turkey

With two little ones (Matt and Emma), there was some worry about what to do --  but between Heather’s folks coming out from Virginia for a week and the kids staying with us the rest of the time, we were able to put them at ease

We really love having Matt and Emma with us (as we do all the other grandchildren).  They are so sweet and good natured most of the time and even when they aren’t, we just love them anyway. And who wouldn't love to have  Emma's cute gravely, little girl voice calling them all the time!! J

Grandma Whitmer likes to keep them busy so we had a couple of swimming days where they could practice their water skills.  Matt is a little more timid but Emma loves to play hard in the water.  (Thought I had some pictures but they are on the other camera.  Maybe later.) Before we were done, both had experienced some things that they really came to like.  Being grandparents is much more fun than being parents – except for the old, creaky body thingey. 

Thanks to Josh and Heather for trusting us enough to have their sweet little tykes for all this time.  Hope we didn’t teach them too many bad habits.

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