Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bus Paradox

Read and interesting blog today here (scroll down to the part about graduation speakers).  Got me thinking about how I look at the world.

Most of my life I have been pretty oblivious to things going on around me.  If the world was bad, I just kept plugging along.  When things were great, I was mostly the same.  Can't say I've been extremely depressed and there aren't many recollections of super exciting times (except when I got married).

But I have noticed that my work has had a big influence on how I feel about life in general.  

When I worked in the communications business I was fairly successful and moved up to higher positions of responsibility.  Yet, no matter how much money I made or how many people worked for me there was something missing.  

There were lots of job changes and sometimes I even tried different careers (my family remembers the "year without a Dad") but nothing really felt satisfying.

Now I'm making lots less money and working harder than I ever did at any other job but I love going to work.  And I feel like there is something beneficial in what I do.  

Setting out to be a businessman was nice.  Ending up being a seminary teacher is even nicer.  I think I can look at my life and say....

...if a bus hit me today and I was called to go Home, I'm OK with that.  I would miss my family and friends but they will be around again.  My time here has been good and ..... I'm OK.

Thanks for listening.  

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