Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My day job is to associate with and try to bless the lives of young people as they make the trek through life.  Some of them are very excited to be in my classes but there are a few who would rather be anywhere else.

I understand the feelings they have ……… who wants to spend 80 minutes every other day with an old man who is always talking about religion?

(A boy at another seminary once complained to the principal that his teacher just kept talking about Jesus…..  REALLY, what else should a seminary teacher do? L)

There are days when it feels like I am all alone in my efforts.  The kids are cranky and the message seems too deep for their minds and hearts -------the end result is boredom or obnoxious behavior.

For the most part, those days are MY fault.  O, there are occasional times when the “wild teen” goes berserk and destroys the class but generally, poor days are a result of my efforts in preparing.

But recently I have discovered that there is another reason for failure.

And it is also my fault.

Often, I prepare very well and have a decent idea what should happen but things still fall apart.

Guess what the problem is?

It’s my attitude.

No matter how well I study and find interesting things to teach, if I am grumpy or sarcastic, then everything goes awry.

Now, you would think that after nearly 20 years doing this I would recognize that problem in myself.

And I do!! 

But, as with so many other personal issues, I tend to forget and let things creep back in.

I know the Lord is merciful so I am confident that EVENTUALLY I will overcome some of these lesions on my soul, but I sure wish I could hurry and get things straight.

Until next time – BE NICE.

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