Tuesday, December 10, 2013


As much as any child, I love the story and the traditions of Santa Claus.  Believing has been a part of me since my youth and I have tried to invite my children to carry that tradition down through their own families (Yes, I know what I say about traditions but this one is different).

The Jolly Elf Himself
Searching for information on the origin of Santa, I have discovered many stories of his counterpart, Saint Nicholas.  Apparently he was a real person and his experiences were used to create the man we know as Santa Claus.  Here is a site where you can see some of what Nicholas did to earn his reputation.

While I love the stories of Nicholas, I am more inclined to think that the true inspiration for our Jolly Fellow hearkens back to the life, teachings, and actions of our Savior.  Take these examples and see if they don’t fit:

Mary, Joseph with Simeon in the Temple

n Who better to offer gifts of joy and happiness to a weary people than someone who is eternally fully of love and joy? 

HIs love caused Him to come and be with us.
n He came at night and offered gifts of great worth to the entire world. 

The Wise Men with the Young Child
n His journey to earth was completed in a single night but it continues each year without stopping.
n He is not discriminatory – everyone is offered a present if they are willing to receive.

Even as a boy He was special.
n Any who want to communicate with Him need only make the effort and He will reply.
n His promises as fulfilled – no matter what!!!

I’m sure there are more images that fit the circumstances so I invite you to share some of your own.  Just know that I believe we REALLY know who Santa Claus is and what He represents.

Merry Christmas to all of you and may you find peace and joy in the love of Christ.

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