Monday, January 27, 2014


Last night Teresa and I watched the new film on the candidacy of Mitt Romney (on Netflix).  It was interesting to see all the workings that go on in a political campaign and the challenges presidential candidates face.


Most people would not give complete access to their day-to-day activities like Mitt did for the producer of the film.  To have your smallest imperfections recorded is too difficult for most people to consider (check out when he forgets to iron his white shirt).

I’m sure there were some uncomfortable moments (one of the sons almost said a swear word L ooooo!!) but it seemed the Romney’s weren't that concerned with being observed.  Their experiences were an example of how I think most Americans live.  I know the Romney’s have lots of money, but they don’t seem to dwell on that – heavens, Mitt even took time to pick up trash in their hotel room after a family lunch.

What I enjoyed most was the camaraderie within the family.  It was obvious that the boys loved their dad and EXTREMELY obvious that Mitt loved Ann (and vice versa).  There was such affection between them all (including the grandkids and wives) that I would recommend the film just for that portion.

What could have been?!!
But I also came away with an appreciation for the man that is Mitt Romney.  He confesses that he would not be in the position he is without the efforts of his father.  He also realizes that his time on the stage is short-lived and will reflect on his image for the rest of his life.  YET, he is willing to take the on the risk of failure because he believes he has something good to offer that will not be available from the other candidates. 

In my mind, Mitt was in the race for the right reasons – he loved his country and wanted to help get it back on track.

Could he have done it?

I don’t know, but I think he had a better chance than the fellow who now sits in the White House.

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