Thursday, April 24, 2014


As I left for work this morning, this is what I found on the lawn. 

Released from captivity several years ago by one of
our neighbors, this white, fluffy beast
 has returned again and again to feast
on the greens we plant in our garden.
 This is, by no means, our first encounter.
And probably won't be the last.

While a cute little dude, he/she has done some damage in the past.  A love of fresh greens drives our little 'cottonball' to return each year and munch on our flowers.

There is part of me that wants to eat this furry fiend----- but I know I would pay a price when others found out.  So for now, I will endure the ignominious label of "Rabbit NOT-eater." 

And maybe someone can explain to me why the cats or dogs don't chase after this guy and eat him up?

O, wait, I know why!!

The ferocious nature of rabbits protects them from predators.

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