Thursday, October 16, 2014


Guess what?

I’m sitting with my beautiful wife, watching people torture her and make her cry.

And I let them do it.

And I pay them money.

All in the name of therapy.

And guess what else?

When we get home, I get to take the place of the therapist and do the evil deeds myself.

It’s not fun, but the ends justify the means (or something like that).

Back on July 25th we took this sweet young thing to the hospital where a very talented doctor made incisions in her knees and replaced the old arthritic bones and stuff for metal and plastic new ones.  And now we have to finish things off by inflicting pain and suffering on her tortured body.

Soon she will be able to get out of a chair without assistance and hike and all the other things she loves to do with her legs.  And on that day, all the suffering will be worth the sacrifice she has made.

Hurray for doctors who know what they are doing.

And hurrah for therapists who can make themselves watch people cringe, cry, and complain and still do their job. 

And stay upbeat and happy.

Thanks to all involved and all who have offered prayers on Teresa’s behalf.  She and I are very grateful.

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