Thursday, June 25, 2015


I was looking through my phone and found a large number of random pictures I have never shared.  Most are just spur of the moment things but some are interesting.  Hope you enjoy a view of what I like to remember.

Fremont Indian Ruins -- If you look closely you can see the writing on the walls of the canyon.

A Pretty flower on a little cactus.  Near the Fremont Indian Visitor Center.  Not quite up to AZ standards, but a sample of what beauty in the desert looks like.

Look closely in the trees.  You can see a whole flock of buzzards.
They were interesting because of their propensity to fight and tease each other.
This is in Tropic, UT.

A Play-date with the "Little's" (L to R, Emma, Tanner, Grandma, Katie).  They had a great time together.

"Little's" (Katie, Tanner) learning to play croquet.

Emma and Grandma playing croquet on a hot summer day.  They didn't care much for the rules but they had a great time hitting the balls.  And 'Poison" was the best.

Our 'rumpus' room before we started the remodel.  Notice the sad carpet and
the brick under the windows.  The back door is horrible and the walls are a
boring peach//pink shade.  We used this room for daycare for more than
30 years but have decided it needs to be something different.

One corner of the 'rumpus' room under construction. You can see that we removed the brick under the windows to give a feel of more space.  I will post completion pics when it is done.

Another corner.  Notice the old carpet that is now gone.  The step by the door will be tiled when we are finished.

The back door and pink paint are gone now (new door and new color).  When we pulled up the carpet we found a dollar bill that I had put under the pad when we put the old green carpet in.  I had written the date on it --  1996 -- 19 years ago we put that in.  I would say it REALLY needed to be replaced. 

Further efforts in the corner

Christopher and his 'cool' bike riding goggles.  He wouldn't take them off, even though they kept falling down on his face and made it harder for him to ride.  He's just cool like that.

One of our days with Brian and Paula's kids when we went to Cabela;s to see the fish.
Becca wasn't that impressed but she didn't complain.  (L to R) Benji, Chris, and Katie really liked
all the finny friends.

Grandma Grange's funeral.  All the kids around the casket (L to R -- Cindy, Teresa, Dad, Therron, Denise, and Wendy).  We miss her but are so glad she is not suffering anymore.

This was a birthday/playdate with Becca. It was pretty windy and I don't think she had much fun.
We will do better next time.

Little's sleepover.  Grandma reading just before bed
(clockwise beginning bottom left -- Emma, Ellie, Katie, Tanner, and Christoper).

That's all for now.  I may do this another day cause I still have a lot of pics on the phone.  See you next time. 

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