Wednesday, June 17, 2015


As people go, I have always considered myself a fairly intelligent individual.  Given enough time, I can generally figure out things and come to good conclusions relating to complex scenarios.  But this past weekend I encountered something that threw me for a loop and left me feeling a little ‘dumb.’

Teresa and I decided to join the DeMoux’s for a run down to southern Utah and the National Parks.  It’s been a long time since we visited Bryce’s, Zion’s, and some of the other locations so it felt like a good idea.

So off we went to explore.

After our first few hours on the road, we determined to stop at Cove Fort to eat our dinner and stretch the legs.  As we pulled off  the freeway there was a sudden change in the tone of my truck engine.  It seemed to rumble a little more and the power felt like it was reduced.  I didn’t think a whole lot about it at first, but then there was an unexpected message on the notification screen in the dash.  These ominous words appeared:


I had no idea what my truck was trying to say!!

All I could do was continue to Cove Fort and park.

I was very confused.

Unfortunately, my owners manual was not in the truck – I guess I left it at home.  And there was no Internet access for me to look on-line to see what others had to say.

I was stuck.

After dinner, we got back in the vehicles and continued to our destination – Tropic, Utah.

There I DID have Internet and was quickly able to find that FAILSAFE MODE is often called LIMP MODE.

Apparently when modern, computer controlled vehicles encounter problems that can cause damage to the engine, transmission, or other major system they revert to this mode in order  to protect what is left of functionality.

Essentially, it provides a safe way to get to a place where someone with the proper training can take a look at the problems and offer assistance.

Well, it worked.

We got to a shop near Tropic and they discovered that we were in deep trouble.  No one, not even those who are supposed to know, could figure out what was wrong.  For all intents and purposes, we were stranded!!

Eventually we found our way to a Ford Dealer and they were able to discover the trouble – after three days!!

And Many Dollars!!

What a wonderful vacation.


But we have endured and won this little battle.

I just wish I felt a little smarter rather than less capable.

But I DO know what FAILSAFE MODE means.

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