Friday, May 29, 2015


Recently I was upgraded in my work instruments.

OK, I still have the same voice and my brain, though deteriorating somewhat is still reasonably useful, but there are other things that can be replaced when defective or past their useful limit.

My computer is an essential part of teaching and it has come time to change things out.

The laptop I have used for the past three years is on its last leg and some days I wonder about that one.  Startup can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 hours – and I don’t know why.  We have deleted lots of stuff and checked the memory but it is still unstable and very frustrating.

Really slow Lenovo -- Never has worked very well
and its not user problems!!!

My options for replacement were as follows:

1. A brand new laptop of the same brand as the old one.

2. A MacBook Pro with shiny new cover.
So Pretty, but very deceiving.
3. A desktop computer with a brand spanking new iPad Air2

I have the black version.

Option #1 was immediately thrown out because of past experience.

Option #2 was very intriguing and almost became my choice.  But I considered the learning curve and the current state of affairs in my head and determined that this was not the time to start all over again.  As I counseled with friends and family it became clear that I PROBABLY could change over to the MacBook but there was also the possibility that my brain would explode and then my wife would be left to fend for herself.

Option #3 then became the obvious choice.  So far, at least half of the decision has been positive.  The new iPad came last week and it has been a delight to use.  In fact, I am currently typing this posting from that unit.  The Air 2 is much lighter and clearer than my old iPad and has some other benefits over a laptop.

Now, if I could just get the desktop to arrive and be usable.

It did arrive at my office but at the exact same time it showed up I received an email from our tech people forbidding me to open the box.  Seems the vendor had imaged the computer with the wrong software and if the box was opened we would be stuck with the unusable computer.  So I am patiently (not so much) waiting for the arrival of the old, but properly imaged, device that is to sit on my desk for the next three years.

Belkin QODE Ultimate keyboard cover and case
In the meantime, I am NOT handcuffed because I still have my new iPad with a very functional keyboard (purchased separately) to keep me connected with the world.

At this moment, I am feeling pretty good about the arrangements.  Let’s hope I feel the same next year.

Of course, I will let you know. :-)

Ran into a problem with this post.  I guess Apple and Google really don't like one another.  Blogger doesn't have the option to download pictures from an iPad so I will have to go to my computer to put in the ones I wanted.  But that means I have to wait for the laptop to stop whatever it is secretly doing so I can access the drive. Who knows how long that will take.  If you don't see pics soon you know who to blame.

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