Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Many of the prayers I offer each day are founded in a desire to become something better.  Weakness is always more vivid in our own eyes and we often see much that needs to be changed.

Pruning is beneficial to trees and people

Recognizing these things is a part of our mortal construct, given to us so we can find a modicum of humility amidst the false pride that grows up around our meager accomplishments.

Prayers are often requests for help in areas where we recognize failings, while secretly ignoring an inner weakness that has become our ‘false god’ or ‘guilty pleasure’ begging to be purged.  The plaintive cry to God marches around the real issue without actually approaching the real need.

The words we offer on our knees, in our hearts, and through our despair should be pleas for things we want in order to become more attuned to the works of Him who is holy.  The promises we make must be to become better, regardless of what might be offered in return.

Weakness in prayer is expected – mortality is NOT perfection.
Keeping focus is key.

Wants are to the betterment of others.

Needs bring joy to those we serve.

Forgiveness changes hearts to find peace.

Prayer is a gift from God.  It gives us access to the Divine and hope in the Eternities.

O’ God,
May I want what thou hast given me today.
May I give to those who have needs I cannot see.
May I forgive and be forgiven in equal amounts each day.
May I be like Thy Son in all I do that I may see both Thy faces.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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