Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I’m not a contractor but sometimes our projects give me the feel of what it might be like.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, you guessed right.  We are in remodeling mode once again at our house.
Tools of the trade.

The forewoman has laid out plans for our abode that are ambitious and exciting.  They are also somewhat daunting.  But we are experienced and willing to take on new challenges, so here we go again.

The last year of Teresa’s income from daycare was put away in a special fund, earmarked for upgrading areas of weakness/disaster in our home.  After 30+ years the need was great and could no longer be ignored.

Things started with the Living Room.  Much discussion finally resulted in resurfacing the hardwood floors instead of replacing them with carpet.  Most of the winter was spent with different iterations of what we wanted to accomplish but the end result is a very nice room with a totally different atmosphere than previously felt.  The defining touch was crown molding that covered up many old scars from failed attempts in the past.

Our present focus is the ‘RUMPUS ROOM’ (not really sure what that means but that’s what we call it).  The sheer size of the project (29’ x 14’) has caused some distress but we are not to be denied.  The old brick that was on the south side of the room has been removed (why the previous owners put it there, we will never know) and the ceiling is being redone to eliminate many of the lumps from poor texturing.  We just ordered carpet for the floors and a new back door will be installed in a couple of weeks.  Already, without the fancy things to come, we can feel a difference in the room and are anxious for the continued improvement.

Further improvements will include tile on the entry landing and new paint on the walls.  The intent is to make this a pleasant gathering place for family and friends in contrast to its previous designation as ‘daycare assembly room’. 

Next on the list will be a battle with the upstairs rooms.  Primary changes there will be paint and carpet, but again, the difference will be pleasant and appealing.  If dollars hold out, new blinds are also a possibility.

Oh, and I forgot about the kitchen.  The plan is to change out some of the appliances (our current stove only has one working burner – well another one will heat up but it rocks back and forth and is not very safe. And the oven heats up to whatever temperature it desires, without regard to how much it affects our meals)

The refrigerator is 1980’s vintage and is on its last leg. Maybe something with water and ice in the door (not required but sorely desired)

This might actually look better than our current model.
We thought we might get new cupboards but the money seems to be disappearing faster than planned.  My guess is that we will probably just paint or stain the current cabinets and make do with that until “our ship comes in.”

Without a doubt, it is a busy time at the Whitmer home. but, the boss is kind and sensitive to the failings of her workers so, for the most part, the whole experience is enjoyable.  Having done this several times before, it seems things are going much better than expected (I realize that I have just jinxed everything planned but I can’t stop myself).

It helps that we are a little more patient and willing to take our time – but that also can be hard when we want things done now!!  Patience is built with little (and big) projects like this. J

I will see if I can dig up some photos of the progress but I’m not guaranteeing anything.  Further updates may be offered if I remember.  Until then, happy remodeling to one and all.

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