Monday, December 14, 2015


Christmas is almost here so it seems like the time to share a few of our fall activities.  Nothing outstanding but things we all like to do.

A short visit to the field level
Josh called me one day and asked if I was interested in going to a football game.  Of course, I was.  We had a nice trip and I was especially surprised at how well Emma and Matt handled the game.  Impressive young people and really fun to hang with on a Saturday. 
Cosmo visited Matt and Emma and we
even got free shirts.

Our family party for November was accompanied by a little service project in Josh’s ward.  He and Heather have some friends who were in need of help so we took our whole crew down the street and frolicked in the leaves.  It was delightful to watch all the grandkids as they worked and played but focused on helping others.  It’s times like this that make an old man (and the cute young thing he married) smile in satisfaction.

If you are wondering, Josh is the supervisor -- MBA gives him
that right.
Raking is hard for little bodies.
But Joel's wife, Paula Jean endured (maroon cap).

Joel is always at his highest fashion sense
when he out amongst the people.

Lookout over the Wedge.
Our autumn adventures also included the annual trek to Grandpa Grange’s house.  I think this was the biggest group we have had in a few years.  There was horseback riding, hiking in the hills, a visit to the San Rafael Swell with all its majesty, and some repair work on Grandpa’s corral and home.  Oh, and we had some pretty good food along the way.

Teresa showing off her riding skills -- after
many years she is still pretty good.

The San Rafael River at the bottom of the canyon

Josh and Joel roofing Grandpa's corral.  There was a group on the
house but I don't have a picture.

More canyon.

Just hanging out with a great family.
Don’t know how many more of these Thanksgiving trips we will have but we are cherishing each as they come to us.  Teresa’s mom left us in May and we know it won’t be too many years before Dad goes off to be with her (I think he prefers sooner to later).  Our children and their kids have grown up going down to Huntington every year and I believe they will always remember the good feelings that accompany these excursions.

And of course, there is a project for the kids.  They are decorating
trees to put on the graves of some really special people.

Teresa and I are still relatively young but it seems many we love are starting to leave us.  Some of our good friends have lost one or both of the couple and now our own families are starting to go home.  Some days it sends me into a melancholy fugue just considering all that has happened during my time in mortality.  Then I consider the changes in the world and my personal life and recognize that God has given me a great gift.  How else can a man become what God wants him to be if there are no challenging parts to existence.

Primarily my heart is lifted by the love so many share with me.  Beginning with Teresa, and down to the last student I will ever meet, I am so blessed to know and love and be loved.  My greatest joy is our Savior and His Father.  If Teresa and I can endure and keep our wits about us, I am confident we will, one day, experience the fulfillment of the promise that says we are worthy to live with those we love the most.  The older I get, the more that means to me and the harder it drives me to try.

I hope you are coming with us – It will be no fun if anyone is missing.

Merry Christmas!!

Most of us who were there for Thanksgiving

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