Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I know!!

I Get IT!!

You’re wondering where I have been for the last couple of months.

I suppose I could blame the political climate and the aberration that is Donald Trump for my lack of desire to write. That would be giving too much credit to someone I won’t acknowledge has that much influence on my life.

The only clear reason I can find is an excess of effort to make my work better and a bout with some sickness for the past couple of weeks.

Though that excuse is really invalid because I seem to find time whenever I want to read a book or watch TV or any other useless habit.

Let’s just write off the past few weeks as a bump in the road of life that (I hope) won’t be repeated very often.

Sooooo! What to talk about today.

The inclination is to jump on current events but they are much too depressing right now.  Therefore, I won’t approach those subjects.

Here’s a good subject.

Jim on the left and Mike on the right.
Really cool pants -- that was the style.

The other day my cousin, Jayne White (Aunt Barbara’s daughter), posted a picture of me and my younger brother Jim. It appears to be sometime in the early sixties so we are both pretty young looking. If I were to guess, I look about 8 or 9 years old. I have stared at the picture at length, trying to divine where and when it might have been taken, but I am coming up blank. The house is not familiar though I do recognize the very fashionable attire we were wearing at the time. It doesn’t look like my Grandmother’s house (TV in the wrong place) but the clock on the TV looks like one she had. It’s very confusing and disconcerting that I can’t remember.

Probably shouldn’t be surprised.

I am 50+ years past that time and there have been lots of events since then. But we always want to believe we will remember everything, especially when given clues like this for recall.

I AM confident that Jim or one of the other members of our family will have a better recollection of the time and place.  But that is no comfort for my own lapses. Yet, I can deal with the problem.

As long as it doesn’t continue – or increase.

That’s one reason I keep this blog going. Just in case I do forget everything, there will be a small record of the experiences of life.

That’s why I also keep journals.

Well, that’s one reason. The real reason is so my grandchildren can know who I really was. Not the old, weathered grumpy guy that can’t play like he used to. Maybe with journals they will get a glimpse of the younger man that spent time in the front yard, playing football, basketball, and baseball with his children.

I suppose that’s why GAPS in my efforts are so annoying to me.

Well like Grandma says, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!”
I sure love Grandma. She’s dang smart about stuff.  And she’s in my journals a WHOLE BUNCH.

See you next time.

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