Wednesday, November 11, 2009

East Canyon and No Rants

I am experimenting with new fonts for blogging so be patient with this post. In the past I have found some to be too busy and almost unreadable. It does help to increase the size but many are still too fuzzy to be useful. This one seems to be pretty good so I will use for today.

Last weekend we had our annual family trip to East Canyon Resort. This has become a family tradition and has grown to include all the grandkids and even a friend or two for the single children. The setting is pleasant and there are no real distractions so we can focus on building the bonds that last forever…or at least try not to kill each other. It did help that we were able to use some 'bonus time' and get extra condo's so we weren't all on top of each other. One other benefit: each of our children made one of the meals and all were delightful. It is so nice to have good food when we are all together. Thanks ladies (and those men who helped) for improving the size of our waistline and tickling our taste-buds.

One of the grandkids was ill early on and by Sunday, we had several others who were exhibiting sickness signs. Don't think it was 'piggy flu' but who really knows these days. Even with the maladies, we were able to get in a few paintball games.

It was Bryce's first time and he really seemed to enjoy the action. And I was pleasantly surprised that he made no complaints when he was shot (more than once). He's getting to be a really solid young man. Can't wait to take the rest of the little ones out and take a few pot-shots at them. Reality is that I am so slow and stiff that I am an easy target for them and it makes me feel good to give them success. Or maybe I'm just a horrible player and get killed easily. Whichever, we had a grand time.

No new political or religious rants this time so I guess things must be pretty cool for now. Hope all are happy and praying for wise decisions from those who lead us. See you next post.

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demoux family said...

It was a really fun trip and we all had a great time. Thanks to both of you for arranging such a great adventure for our family. We love you.