Monday, November 30, 2009

Party Time on the old Homestead

Thanksgiving was great!!!

Teresa's family invited us all down to Huntington for a Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration and we all had a good time. The turkey was delicious, the pies were delightful and all the activities were first rate.

The only negative was that Josh and Heather were in Virginia visiting her parents and family (they moved there earlier this year after Don lost his job in North Carolina and took another in VA).

A bunch of us went paintballing on Thursday. As I have commented before, I am only good as a target for all the other players. I can't get down low very well and I am much larger than I used to be so it is harder to hide behind trees (they have to be pretty broad to prevent anything from hanging out the sides). The positive thing is that Parker was able to 'kill' grandpa twice in his first escapade with paintball. In fact, I was the only player that 'died' every game so I guess I have the most experience with 'resurrection'. Joel, Kevin and I got into a pretty good 'firefight' and I received my most painful shooting when Joel nailed me in the back as I tried to get away. I can't see the impression but Teresa says it is pretty large and welt-like.

(Different colors are to represent the paintball experience)

Saturday afternoon Joel and I went to the annual BYU-Utah game and had a really fine time. The game was nip and tuck all the way with the Cougars finally prevailing in overtime. It has been several years since I went to a game live and this one was worth the wait. There was a bit of a brouhaha when Max Hall made some comments about the Utah fans and such after the game but I think it has been blown out of proportion by the media and others. What he said was not really much different than the quote I shared from a Utah fan who attended last year's game in Rice-Eccles Stadium. Sadly, these games seem to bring out the worst in some people.

It was a little hard for some of the students to come back to school today. All those days off gave them too much time to forget how to behave. It's only three weeks until they are off again and this time it will be for two whole weeks. January is going to be interesting.

We are only days away from a mission call for Joel.

this month
are Joel, Grandma Grange;
Melissa, and Parker.

And of course, we must not forget that this is when we celebrate the Savior's birth.

(Real birthday is April 6 for those who don't remember)

It's time to start playing Christmas
Music (several stations in town have been at it since October….Not Cool)

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