Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dumb Things

I have been trying to upgrade my blog with a few gadgets and find there are some things that SHOULD work but don't. For instance, the little place to the left that says "Past Posts" should be giving you a quick view of my last 10 blog entries but all I see is a great white space.

Why is that?

If I knew, the great white space would be full of words and numbers. This is the second gadget I have installed to make this work and neither has worked.

Isn't that DUMB??!!!

Maybe one of my smart sons could write a little program/applet to let me do what I am trying to do (hint, hint). Or maybe I will find that I can become smart enough to understand the problem and fix it myself.

(Not very likely)

It just occurred to me that my grandchildren get pretty upset with me when I call things dumb. In fact, my wife isn't too thrilled when I use that phrase/word. Maybe it's because when I say something is dumb it is generally some inanimate object that really has no ability to change from being dumb to smart.

Isn't that dumb??!!!

I suppose some might consider that I am the dumb one and if I smartened (hey, that didn't give me a spelling error) up other things wouldn't be so dumb.

Now, that's really a dumb thing to think!

Well, before I close this one off, here is something to consider. If we keep getting bad results from the things we do, why don't we change the things we do?

Not such a dumb idea.

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