Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pre-Christmas Message

For many years, Teresa and I shared a Christmas letter with all our friends and family. It was a bit of a pain but we loved our friends and wanted to keep them abreast of our changing clan. Some of you may have noticed that the letters stopped a few years ago (with one of two exceptions). It's not because we care less about our connections but we have become careless in our maintenance of those things. In other words, I got lazy and quit writing.

Now we have a family blog and it opens the door to lots of sharing with those who care to know (and some who don't). In fact, the whole purpose of these posts is to eliminate the need for sending out those delightful (???) missives from the past. So if you are missing your Christmas greeting from the Mike and Teresa Whitmer family, please read the previous posts contained on this blog.

I may get in trouble for this but there are some changes coming in the numerical value of our family. Having spent many years growing from two to seven, we are now up to 21 (Mom and Dad, 5 children, 4 spouses, 10 grandkids) members. In the next few months (not nine from now because that would be too many for the beautiful girls to endure) we will increase our size by two. Kevin and Jenny are expecting sometime….??Mayish I think???......(don't you hate it when your on-board computer loses little bits of data?) and Little Matthew (Josh and Heather) will be receiving a sibling shortly after that. We are all thrilled and look forward to the new additions.

For the past couple of weeks I have been conducting tithing settlement in our ward. Sometimes I hear that bishops don't like this time because it is so busy and takes so much time. For me, this is one of my favorite times of year. During these weeks I am able to visit with all the faithful members who are reporting on their worthiness. No one complains and it gives me a few minutes to chat with them and see how their lives are going. Oftentimes I spend too much time with each family and fall behind in my schedule (that's why I limit the numbers I have in each night). It really is a pleasant experience for me and I hope for them.

If I am able to remember, I will try to make one more post before Christmas time but knowing me I may not get back here. If that is the case, please have a Merry Christmas and remember Who we celebrate. This is the time of year to renew our commitment to the doctrines and principles given to us by the Savior of all the world. He is our Example and our Hope for a better life. May His love be with all of you this special season.


Brian Whitmer said...

I'm having a similar problem... I just haven't ever gotten enough time to write that happy little email I used to try to write every once in a while. It's been forever now... sigh...

demoux family said...

I love your newsletters, Dad. It still makes me laugh to go back and read the ones you wrote while I was growing up.