Monday, December 28, 2009

Have a Wonderful 2010

There are some days when I really believe the world is going to ---- in a handbasket. Then I have to remember that we are not alone in this learning ground we call mortality. There is someone much greater than us who is VERY interested in the events which transpire on this dirt-ball we call home.

He is not interested in failure and has not abdicated His right to guide, cajole, inspire, and entice us back to goodness. We only have to look up to Him and find peace in a seriously dysfunctional world.

The dingbats who are trying to make our lives miserable are, in reality, just a pimple on the face of all that is good in this life. Oh, sure, they can make our day a little less enjoyable but if we take care of them properly (cleaning, popping, ignoring), they will pass into the night of "puberty" and be forgotten. Our adulthood is not controlled by the rantings of demons, bent on finding notoriety in their lives.

I have determined that I will not let others determine my joy in life.

The New Year is always a time to consider where we are and where we are going. My hope is that we are going toward the Savior and His Kingdom. May your lives be full of peace and joy as you discover the truths He has to offer.

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demoux family said...

Ahhh, make me laugh, Dad. It's awfully hard to keep that perspective all the time, but awfully good when you've got it.