Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hateful Ranting—City Stuff—Epiphany?

I know it is not nice to hate things but…
Some things deserve all the hate we can muster.

Eggs (taste like sulphur)
Eggplant (bad experience as a youth)
Liver ( like chewing sand)
Duck/Goose (too greasy)
roast duck
Okra (food of the devil)
And a few other things that I won’t mention right now.
This past week I also discovered that I really don’t like (notice no hate) something else:
These are the people who have no life except to wander around neighborhoods and make things miserable for residents.
Before anyone accuses me of wanting our area to become a mess, I understand what a Code Inspector does and why they are hired. And I agree that they are a necessary part of life.
What I don’t understand is why they can’t be civil when they perform their tasks.
And while I’m at it!!!
Why isn’t the city held to the same standard as the residents.
We have to keep our yards neat and comely but the sidewalks (owned by our city) are a mess.  We have tried for more than 7 years to get our sidewalks fixed and the only answer we receive is:
“You’re on your own.  We don’t have time to fix sidewalks.”
If my driveway looked like the city’s sidewalks, I would have a visit from my favorite Code Officer and would  be required to have things repaired in 14 days.
Maybe someday it will be clear to me why this is so and I can do another post about the epiphany I received.  But my guess is that things will continue on as they are and someone will eventually have an accident and sue the city.  Then maybe they will have time to fix things.  And then my taxes will go up because….well, you know what I mean.
Enough rantings for today!!!

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Melissa DeMoux said...

Sorry, Dad. They are not very well liked over here either.