Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Friends

Teresa and I have had some wonderful friends over the years.  Many are still part of our circle but some have moved on and we have not seen them as much as we would like.  We think of them but… well, you know!!!  Life is busy and we don’t connect like we should.

Leave it up to my sweetheart fix that condition.  
At least in a small way.

A few weeks ago she warned me that she was planning something to bring a few of our old friends to the house.  As usual, I sort of put it in the back of my mind and then mostly forgot about it.

Early last week she reminded me again and said people were coming over on Friday night.  To be truthful, I was pretty excited.  She had invited some of my favorite people to come be with us for a few hours.

While not everyone came (lives are like that) those who did were greeted warmly and remembered with fondness.  Sadly, we didn’t take any pictures but we will always have the memories of our visit.  Thanks to all of you who came and made our day/week/life a little brighter.
Maybe we will do it again!!!

Here’s a list of those who came and visited with us:
Chris Fox
Christine Carlicci
Bertram and Victoria Merrill
Shane Smith + children Porter and Sabrina
Becky Smith
Gene and Lucy Smith
Orlan and Karen Thatcher
Suzanne Campbell
Paul MacFarlane
Hope I got them all.  If not, please forgive my forgetfulness. 

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