Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Most of you who read my blog will probably agree with many of my political and societal views.  I consider myself pretty conservative – with a little bit of Libertarian-ism mixed in.  While I do have a few socially conscious ideas I try not to let those out too much J.

The Supreme Court is currently considering the legality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), created during the Clinton years to protect the sanctity of marriage.  The law says that the Federal government can only recognize a marriage between one man and one woman as a legal marriage. 

Certain factions in our society are clamoring for a change in the status of those who practice relationships that have, from the beginning of the history of mankind, been considered abhorrent and aberrations in behavior.  At present, most of the pushback comes from the homosexual and lesbian groups that want to have the same rights as married heterosexual folk. But we are also seeing a swaying of opinion from former opponents to these changes.

When God ordained marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman, He set the standard for how such relationships should be considered.  Of course, if one does not believe in God or His word, there will be a problem with keeping His standards.  Does that mean we all need to lower our own way of living?  No, in fact, it means that it is even more essential that we keep the standards of the law and society on a higher level so that we do not corrupt the coming generations.

To take it to an extreme example: 

If a vocal group decided that it was necessary for the government to control the size of families and any family that had more than three children must kill the excess, millions would rise up in rebellion.

How does that relate?

Many have forgotten that GOD gave the rules for how life is to be taken AND how it is to be given!!!  When we violate any of HIS laws concerning life, we are stepping into areas where we have no authority.  That includes the laws of morality and chastity – those that deal with creating life.

God has said, through His prophets, that marriage is to be between a man and a woman, legally and lawfully married and no other way.  Husband and wife are to work together to raise and train children to be sons and daughters of God and prepare to bring more children into this world.   

Any other type of ‘marriage’ is just a sham and is against the commandments of our Heavenly Father.  If people want to live a homosexual lifestyle (and they are free to do so because of the gift of agency) they need to understand that there are certain components of their lives that will be missing.  Marriage is one – even if they are successful in passing laws that appear to change the rules.  God will never recognize the joining of two individuals of the same gender in marriage.  It is not in His plan and will not have eternal standing. 

Finally, I fear many have not considered the “unintended consequences” of changing the way marriage is defined.  Any adjustment in existing marriage laws will open the door for unlimited variations on “marriage” and will continue to corrupt the social and moral behavior of our world. 

BUT hey, maybe that will accelerate the coming of the end?  We’ll see.

added: Check out this article for more info .. 

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