Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Not the kind you are thinking of but the kind when I have been neglectful in keeping up with my little history.  Every time I think of writing, something happens to distract me (SQUIRREL) …..

Where was I?  Oh, right, the drought.

We have been getting a lot of snow the past month or so and I believe it will be enough to keep us from having a terrible summer.  At least I hope so as I want to do some fishing.

Good time for the boys a couple of summers
ago.  Need to do more!!

Hold on, I was talking about another kind of drought.  My brain sure likes to get sidetracked from what I really want to do.  Too much ODC, or ACD, or CIA or something like that.

Hey, maybe my problem is that the CIA has been running some kind of drug test on me and I’m not aware of it.  That would explain the gaps in my memory and the way my wife looks at when she asks me questions.

I suppose some of my issues could be explained by the advancing years that continue to advance with relentless advancement.  Speaking of which, I need to check and see if the Scouts are advancing like they should.

And that’s another thing.  Are we going to have Scouts in the Church in a few years?  Looks to me like they are trying really hard to alienate some of their biggest supporters.

I love how direct he can be.

Lastly, I was interested in Pres. Uchtdorf’s words as he met with Pres. Obama last week.  The Church’s stance on alienating illegal aliens has been confounding to me. .. so much so that I’m not really sure where I stand and where  they stand.

Gotta run but I promise I will be better with the next entry. 

Or at least a little better. 

Maybe not better but different. 

Different in a sameness sort of way. 


Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that today is Kevin's B-day.  Happy day Kev!!!

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