Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Over the years I have collected many friends and acquaintances in the various places we have lived.  And because the years continue to pass along, some of them have aged to the point that they might be considered elderly (though I probably would never say that to their face)
Still having fun over 70

As a younger man I was often uncomfortable with “people of age” but since life has added sufficient to my own years, much of the struggles have disappeared.  In fact, it seems to me that I have found a certain amount of compassion for those approaching the twilight of their mortal existence.

Josh and I went to visit one of our stricken friends last night to offer her a priesthood blessing.  She has been in a care center for about a year and has gradually drifted from reality to the land of fractured memories.  We love this little lady and have made efforts to help her as she gets closer to the end of her natural life.  But I feel extremely sad because she has few family members around and seems to never get any attention from those who are still with us.  People who live good lives should always have someone there to help them out at the end of their experiences on earth. 

Maybe that’s why Teresa and I feel such a need to keep in touch with our little friend.

Life is a grand adventure that ends only when we have finished all God expects to do.  The more people we can invite to join us on the journey, the more joy we will have in the trip. 

Great face of age.


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