Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I love surprises, especially when they are about something dear to my heart.  So Father’s Day this year was wonderful.  Missy and Josh brought their troops down to visit and we really enjoyed their time with us.  Later we packed up and made the trek to Brian’s house for a dinner/gathering with the South Jordan Whitmer’s (Josh and Heather are there also).

In the course of the evening several gifts were offered to the old guy as a commemoration of the day.  One in particular was most welcome----- it is pictured below:

Baby bottle with a note that says
Grandchild #15

It seems we are growing again!!  JJJJ

Jenny is due very soon with little Jaxon Archer (number 14) and now Heather has announced she is ready to contribute to the family line from their branch (grandchild #15).  We are thrilled and look forward to a lovely/handsome little ‘un sometime in early 2014.

Secretly I have had a goal for our kids to bring 20 grandchildren into the world so we are well on our way.  Whoopppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!

(Sssshhhhh, don't let them know)

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Melissa DeMoux said...

No fair...I think everyone should have to do 6 so you end up with 30 total. Just kidding, hooray for Josh and Heather!