Tuesday, June 11, 2013


When Brian was a new little guy we lived in California.  Shortly after his birth he became sick and I was tasked with taking him to the doctor to see what was wrong.  Now, mind you, I was a ‘mature’ father of three and figured I had all things fatherly figured out so this was no big deal.

The doctors were worried he might have some problem with his lungs so we went to the x-ray center for some pictures.  I was concerned how we would get good shots with a wiggly little boy but the nurse assured me things would work out just fine. 

So how do you take x-rays of an infant?  Below is a picture of what they used!!

A little bigger than Brian was but you get the picture.

It seems like a good way to do things……. Until you put the baby in the confounded unit.  Being as I couldn't be right there with him and comfort his fears – I was clear across the room and even disappeared for the time it took to shoot the film – poor little Brian was terrified and screamed bloody murder.  His little eyes were pleading with me to come rescue him from this evil thing that had captured him but there wasn't much I could do.  And being helpless while my little boy was in such distress was almost more than my young dad heart could bear (it hurts even now just thinking about it)..

Before the doctors could wave me in I was removing Brian from the torture chamber, holding his chubby little hand and trying to calm him down AND apologizing for leaving him with the bad old doctors like that.  He just looked at me with the eyes of someone who wasn't sure why he had been abandoned but was very glad to see me back.

That’s been the story of Brian all the ensuing years.  He takes hurt and pain – emotional and physical – with an attitude of patience and forgiveness for those involved.  Everyone is his friend and everyone loves to be around Brian.   Sometimes I wonder why he keeps associating with certain folks but then I realize that it is because he is just a good person and is trying to live a Christ-like life. 

Our middle-child has grown up to become someone very special and important in our lives.  Thanks Brian for being such a good son.  We love you and your little (well, not so little anymore) family.  We love being a part of your life.

Christoper, Paula, Brian, Becca and Katie

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