Thursday, November 21, 2013


Once a week, Teresa and I have the opportunity to work in the Jordan River Temple for a few hours.  We are blessed to be temple ordinance workers and have the privilege of blessing the lives of many who have passed on to the spirit world.  It is demanding work but very satisfying to the soul.

The Jordan River Temple -- Where we serve weekly
Most of those who work with us are retired or considerably older than our youngish years.  In fact, one of my favorite jokes (lame though it may be) is to come into a gathering of workers and remind all the brethren there that, though I am nearly six decades old, I am still the youngest in the room.  It generally elicits a chuckle and a groan or two.
The Temple in Mesa, Arizona
Where I first attended and received the endowment.

But what I like best about our weekly foray into the Lord’s House is the feeling of peace and contentment that resides in this sacred edifice.  Folks who come to work and worship in the temple are trying to change their own lives by drawing closer to God and Christ.  They come with the intent to serve by offering time to those who cannot do for themselves what they would like to do.  Many are there for the benefit of their own relatives and have such tender feelings that they can’t help but be moved to tears. Which often moves us to the same predicament.  And the feelings of spiritual strength are amazing.   

No matter how my day has gone (and working with teenagers can make life interesting) the hours spent in the temple are always satisfying and humbling.  The fact that God would allow simple souls like us to borrow His glory and authority for such a vital purpose is overwhelmingly overwhelming.

To quote the Primary song:
I love to see the Temple…

Try it yourself and see if it helps.

The Nauvoo Temple
Restored after the original was burned
as the Saints fled to Utah.