Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Scripture study is part of my job.  In order to teach, I have to be familiar with the source.

Personal study is just as important.  To know in my heart, there has to be personal sacrifice trying to find answers.

But, doggone it, sometime it just isn't easy.  The time required has to be taken from something else AND focus must be given if anything of worth is to happen.

Sometimes I feel like the dogs in “UP” who are easily distracted by the cry of ‘squirrel’ (or anything else).

Maybe I have found a partial solution to my weakness.  It came as I was watching this video.  The message was about service but I translated it to scripture study and it works out just fine.  It really helps me avoid discouragement when I don’t see any “nuggets” as I read.  

Now I can look for little “flecks” and gather them all together until they form a great wealth of knowledge.

Thanks to Elder Ballard and the old prospector who said, “The patient accumulation of these small flecks has made me a wealthy man.

I think it can happen to me.

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