Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Quite a gap in entries lately.
Guess I‘m too busy – or maybe too distracted to keep this up-to-date. Here are some things that I have noticed over the past several weeks.

As much as we like to think our world is enlightened and moving forward, there are still reasons to believe we have a long way to go.

For instance, why would someone who believes in a God (Christ, Allah, Buddha, whomever) want to kidnap little girls and sell them into slavery?  I’m pretty sure there is no God that has that as part of his philosophy/teachings (except that one guy who THINKS he is the god of this world) (and no, I'm not speaking of Obama).  For all our advances in science, medicine, government, and everything else, we still have to overcome the beast inside if we are to live in peace.

Here’s another thought that I find current.

Disagreeing with someone for their political, religious or other views is not hate-speech or bullying.  Promoting the idea that disagreement is a form of repression is the epitome of bullying and seeks to demean the whole idea of a free society.

Yet, when it comes to some political and social discussions many want to eliminate all dissension from the stated “correctness” that has been identified by a small minority.  If you are not of the same ‘mind’ then you are wrong and your dissenting opinion is really ‘hate-speech’ or ‘bullying’ (see here for how Minnesota handled the bullying problem).

Last thing!
If you live in Salt Lake or surrounding areas you might want to check out a new product found at Harmon’s.
My son works there and brought home some ‘Brownie Bites’ that are really good.  The two flavors we tried were salted caramel and peanut butter.  Both were delicious (and very fattening) but I would pick the salted caramel if I had to choose. 

GREAT!!  Another product to expand my waste-line??!!!

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