Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This past weekend we took a trip to visit Teresa’s parents in southeastern Utah.  Both are in their late 80’s and suffer from the ravages of time -- especially her mother.

It’s difficult to watch as those we love age and become different from what we are used to seeing.  Memory loss, physical deficiencies, and general loss of ability takes a once vibrant, capable person and leaves them (and us) wondering what has happened.

My experiences with Teresa’s folks over the last 37+ years have allowed me to come to love them nearly as much as I love my own parents.  And I grieve with my sweetheart as we watch her mom and dad change with the advancing years (I have similar feelings for my parents but I don’t see them as much so the pain is tempered).

I mention this because it occurs to me that I have not offered a proper salute to those who have helped shape the person I have become (I will avoid mentioning those who may have led me astray – don’t want to pass out guilt this late in the game;-)).

Oh, there have been some I have written about, like my Dad and Uncle Orson, but I think what I would like to do is remember (with you) some of those who may not even know how important they have been to my earthly progress.  So, in the next few weeks (or months if it takes that long) I propose to remember the “Good People” I have encountered during my sojourn on this ball of dirt.

Hopefully, no one will be offended if they appear on my list and if someone is missed (for some mental reason on my part) please prick my conscience so I can add them in.  My intent is to honor people I love and remember for the help they have given me in the last six decades.

It’s like a ride down memory lane – with a cool Popsicle and no hands on the handlebars.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if I need to fix anything as I go forward. 

(I mean about stories, NOT my personal life – I guess if I was really nice I would ask for those things also – but I’m not!!! :-).

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