Friday, December 19, 2014


Though I was but a lad, I recall the tension that followed the events pertaining to Cuba in the early 1960’s.  Our elementary school was near a military base in Arizona and we often practiced ‘air-raids’ just as we did ‘fire-drills.’ 

Everyone wanted one of these.  Just in case!!

As the years went by, it didn’t take much to recognize the evilness of Fidel Castro and his henchmen and to feel some pride in how the U.S. was dealing with their atrocities.

He promised freedom
but all his people got
was -- well, not what was

Fast forward to today!!

President Obama has made a decision to change relations with Cuba – for whatever reason – and has opened the possibility of future interactions between the former enemies.  The politics of all this escapes me – much of what our President does escapes me – but I do see a bright side to the situation

If talks do result in normalized exchanges between the two countries, there is a strong possibility the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will one-day send missionaries to that formerly off-limits part of the world.  Here is an article that outlines things that have happened recently in that regard.

Eternally, he will have a connection with this situation.

Much like the events preceding the Berlin Wall coming down, it seems the Lord is doing His ‘mystery’ work once again.  To me, at least, it is evident that the work is accelerating and will not slow down until……well, until the END.

Who would'a thunk this would happen in our lifetime.

 But it did.

I wonder how long before something like this happens in China or Iraq, or a number of other places.

Eyes Wide Open!!!

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