Monday, December 8, 2014


I love that our Heavenly Father has allowed us to come to earth to experience mortality and learn all we can.

Sometimes I really hate the side-effects of said experiences.

Recently, I have had some lower back pains that have been rather intense.  I went to see a doctor and he suggested DRUGS, with a side of COLD on the affected parts.

They didn’t work!!!

After a while, I began to search through my struggling memory and came upon an experience I had nearly a quarter century ago.  The events were so horrific that I believe I repressed remembrance --- but now it is back

There was another time (in said past ¼ century) when a nagging back pain was actually found to be something even more terrifying.  Lo, it was beyond the pale of any experience I have ever been pained to endure.  This is stuff of major glory when it comes time to review the life lived on planet Earth.

And it seems to be returning.  


For the uninitiated, the worst pain a man (and maybe a woman, but I suspect many would lay childbirth at the top of the list) can endure just might be the passing of a tiny crystalline shaped stone, yea, barely 4mm in size, through the urinary tract of his body.  Doctors have commented that this is as close as the male of the species will ever come to knowing what it is like to have a baby (side note: do animals get these little devils or is this only a human foible?).  Since babies are slightly larger than 4mm, I am grateful that God (or evolution if you believe that way) did not make arrangements for a couple to share the birthing duties in a family.

Imagine this in your body!

But I digress!!

For several weeks I have been tormented with this ‘bad boy’ and would really like to be separated from its existence.  I recognize the challenge this ‘rock of ages’ offers but since my life is on the downhill slope, most such experiences are not really appreciated.  According to the ‘all-knowing’ Internet, the time it takes to pass one of the little guys is around 31 days (give or take a month or two).  I’m past that limit so I guess it might be time to take drastic measures.

Someone tell me what drastic measures I can take at this point!!????

My sweet little wife has been after me to go see a doctor but last time I did that, he made the darn thing hurt.  Not really what I’m looking for.

Anyways, I guess I will just endure until ‘it shall come to pass’ and relieves me of my discomfort.  Keep you posted on any progress with my new friend.

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