Monday, April 27, 2015


After nearly 30 years of paying Comcast for entertainment privileges, we have made the decision to go on our own with Internet only service.  It was a tough decision, but when your TV/Internet/Phone bill is nearly the same as rent on a small vehicle, it’s time to make a change.

So, off to Costco for a new modem and an HD Antenna to pick up free TV.  Then the trek to Comcast to let them know we were dropping most of the services they have provided all these years.

Much smaller and much cheaper.

Surprisingly, they did not fight much and the little girl who helped me was really nice.  Too bad they didn't have that kind of service the whole time we were with them.

There will be some changes to how we entertain ourselves.  Not having shows on-demand will be a little inconvenient – but not that much!!  Most of what we enjoy can be found on Hulu or some other site so, if we decide to go that direction, we will be covered.

File:Hulu logo.svg

We've discovered that Netflix works pretty well and one of our daughters has VUDU with all her movies there digitally.  With the available services out there it seems we will be covered pretty well.  Any other good suggestions are appreciated.

netflix logo 

Our biggest concern was the phone connection but we have created a work-around.  If our home phone decides to be difficult, some of you may need to get our cell numbers.

It is a relief to see less of our money flowing to places that have little payback.  Probably should have done this years ago.  Just slow to accept the inevitable I guess.

I will let you know if we have any success or failure stories as we move on down the line.  In the meantime, we are cord free (mostly) and happily on our way to the future.

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