Thursday, October 29, 2015


I originally had a much longer title to this post but decided it might be too wordy.  Of course, being who I am, (sarcasm alert) wordiness is anathema to me so the title was changed.  Anyways, this is not about my predilections to communicate using too many words, but about the state of my thinking concerning certain political motives.  My musings are preliminary but I don’t see them changing much in the near future.

But who knows!!  So here goes.

It is a given that when election time come I WILL NOT be offering my vote to any of the Democratic candidates currently running.  It seems the Dems are insistent on nominating the other half of the Clinton family (though I use that last word loosely).  She has shown no ability to lead in any position and seems to only believe she should be President because she is a woman.  Frankly, I would prefer just about ANYONE besides her.

Nothing is her fault -- she's a woman.

While I am not enamored with Bernie Sanders and his Socialist agenda, at least he is being honest about what he wants for America.  There are grave doubts about what Hilary desires (besides the title) in her campaign to ‘lead’ and the consequences of her election may inflict greater damage on this nation than the current fellow caused when he ascended to his throne.

Socialism is his game.

I will not vote for Hilary!!!

There is only one instance in which I might voting for Bernie Sanders.

And this is where the title of the post resonates.

It doesn’t matter who else is chosen for the Republican nominee, if Donald Trump is the victor, I will not vote for him.  Reservations abound with all the other candidates from that party but Mr. Trump has nothing for me.  There is nothing he spews that resonates with truth for me.

Therefore, if D.T. is the candidate from the red side, this young man will probably not vote for any of the current candidates.  That may change if more information comes into play but it is doubtful there will be enough to change this mind.

You may ask me, “Why are you so adamant against the Trumpster?”

Lots of faces but not much substance.
My answer would be, “because there is nothing in his character, business dealings, family relationships, societal associations, television experiences, etc., that gives me cause to trust he will do what needs to be done to make America a better place to live.  He has no experience dealing with political entities (much like Obama and Carson) and everything he does will be for the first time.”

But you say, “Why would you vote for Carson if he has the same limitations in political savvy?”

Don't know him well but he seems
to have a moral backbone.

Because, as best I can tell, Ben Carson is a moral man who wants to make the world better – not just see how much he can get for himself.

I have grave doubts concerning the morality of Mr. Trump.  And without morality, we are back to the days of Mr. Clinton.  

Not a good place to go.

This is definitely a judgment made without all the facts, but judgment can only be decided by what is shown.  And Donald Trump has not impressed me as having integrity during his moments of fame.

So, if it comes to pass that Donald Trump is the nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America, I will have to take my vote somewhere else or abstain completely.

And if I lived in a perfect world and was in charge of which candidate would win, I would most likely to pick………………….?

More on that later.

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