Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Time to report in!!

It’s been a month and I suppose it would be right to fill you all in on the happenings.  And if you aren’t interested… sorry!!

Last Friday was the one month anniversary of my encounter with the knife wielding jackals at the hospital.  Let’s just say that I am grateful for their ‘incisive’ work but I’m still recovering from their efforts.

Maybe not quite this bad -- but close!
For the first few days I was in such a daze that I was unsure where I was most of the time.  My kids have fun recounting all the weird things I said or did but that’s OK – I can’t remember so they never really occurred.

Thankfully, serious drugs helped me drift through the haze without too much pain.  But then, somewhere in the 2nd week, my wife was given instructions to begin reducing the dosages of said drugs – and the fun started.

Now, 4+ weeks out from surgery, I can say that I feel much better and have hope for normalcy once again.  Sleep is still a dicey subject (if I spend too much time lying in bed the nights get really long). But most of the severe pain is gone and I can get around on my own without a struggle.

Now I have to prepare myself, every MWF, for Heart Therapy!! 


My favorite.  In reality, it’s not that hard.  And I suppose it is doing me some good.  Yay heart people!!!

I’m still restricted from lifting or driving (my truck literally has cobwebs on the wheels from sitting so long) so if I want to go somewhere Teresa has to take me or I need to walk.  For an independent guy like me, it is hard to always have to wait for someone else.  But Teresa is very kind and doesn’t make fun of me (much).

That little piece of foam is in the web.

I did try to visit work a couple of times.  Both times ended up being very stressful, even though all I did was sit and watch.  Makes me wonder if I will be able to go back to teaching in two weeks. L  I’m sure the guys at work will help out and get me through all that needs to be done.  Again, it’s just the dependency thing.

Most of my scars are healing well (the one on my chest is the most prominent but not that bad) and should mostly disappear.  I am amazed at what those doctors could do to my body and not kill me.  And I was surprised that all the stitches they used weren’t even stitches.  Modern doctors use Super Glue instead of that other stuff to put us back together.  Thanks to the guy that figured out that wonderful product.

And thank you to all those who sent best wishes.  All your responses were greatly appreciated (even the old friend that let me know I would never press 200 lbs. again because of the surgery – that’s OK, I’ve never benched 200 so it’s no great loss).  Sometimes we forget how many friends we have until things get crazy and they all stand up and say HI!!

Oh, one other thing!! I have spent some time recently wondering what I will do when it comes time to retire in a few years.  My thoughts were that I could write a little more and serve in the Temple an extra day or two.  Teresa and I have plans to serve a mission and I’m sure I will make time to do a little fishing. 


All of those things will depend on being in good enough health to be ambulatory.  While I have done a little writing (several articles for DN), it has been a real struggle to make myself stay busy.  When you feel lousy, all you want to do is sit and mope… or sleep… or some other useless thing.  As I get better I am putting more effort into being productive.  This has been a good lesson on preparation for later in life.  Let’s all hope the lesson takes.

OK, that should do for this posting.  Again, thank you for all the good wishes and kind words.  My plan is to get back on schedule and post a little more often.  Thanks for reading and be safe (watch out for men with sharp knives).

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