Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Granger and Roses

Two different subjects today.  Maybe I’m just finding the randomness in my head again.

The Granite School District has decided to rebuild Granger High School.  Plans are completed and work has begun with the goal to be finished by summer 2013.  Parts are already looking good – for instance, the football field stands ready to welcome the school back in August.  They have put down an artificial turf with the rubber chunks that seems to work pretty well.  And the color is definitely bright enough to see – even from Bangerter Highway.

The North endzone.  You can see Bangerter n the background ...and a lot of other stuff..
Only one small problem exists: There is no power to run the lights.  The plans call for sufficient voltage to be carried to the field ……. When the school building is in process during 2012!!!  Expectations are that generators will have to be brought in during the season to run lights (since all games start at 7 pm).  Oops!!!

Not real grass.  Notice that the visitors stands are on the west side.  Not the norm for a football field. Usually you want your opponents facing the setting sun (easier to shoot them that way -- at least that's what the Outlaw Josey Wales said).

As is our custom, we gathered last Saturday to have our family dinner/work project.  Josh and Heather had the blessing of deciding what we would do so we took out roses from their front area.  It was a hot, muggy day but we were successful in our efforts.  Brian and Paula even got to take a couple of rose bushes home for their own landscaping.

Aubrey in the herb garden.  See the bounce house in the background.
Emma looking forlorn but really not so much.

The big kids hog the swing.
Josh and Heather made a nice meal for us and we had a grand time chatting and playing with all the little kiddies.  Here are a couple of pictures to commemorate the event.  We are sure blessed to live so close to our children and grandchildren.  I feel bad for folks who don’t have a chance to see their family often.  I expect they would spend THEIR money on plane tickets instead of bounce houses and swimming pools.  Sure hope it stays like this for a long time.

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