Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Toy

Along with all the other things I am doing this summer, I have a new computer at work and it is taking some time to set things up so they work properly.  Once every four years we get new machines and, while it has been slightly more than four years (no bitterness from me) my time has come. 

Who knew there was so much that needed to be transferred over?  It took nearly an hour for me to copy the old data to my portable hard drive and then it was half-a-day getting everything organized and moved off the old compy (shades of HomeStar Runner).  There are probably still a few things that have been missed but the ‘geezer’ laptop will hang around for a while until I am certain all has been gathered in.

You may be asking yourself, does he like the new addition to his life?  The jury is still out!!  Size and weight are pretty similar but there has been a definite change in the operation of the operating system – from Windows XP to Windows 7.1.  It seems the keyboard is more responsive (but you would expect that when comparing to an old Dell) and the screen appears a titch brighter.  Not sure if I will like the Lenovo (IBM) over the old Dell but a true effort will be made to appreciate the changes.