Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Veggies

Every Spring my goal is to plant and keep a garden so we can have a few fresh veggies to eat.  Most years we get a meager offering -- primarily because after the initial planting the interest of the gardener wanes and the plants suffer.


(I wonder if there is punishment in heaven for ignoring/abusing tomato plants in mortality???)


This year I am committed to do a better job.  But Kevin has taken over my old garden spot  (and is doing a fine job) so there was a need for a new planting place.  The decision was made to invest a little money (more on that later) and build a grow box on the south side of the house. 

(Did you know that when you Google "grow boxes" you get pages and pages of plans for how to raise marijuana in your home without getting caught?  Who knew??)


Since there were no good plans (that were free)  I sat down and drew out what I felt would be a good design and then went to my favorite Home Depot and purchased the necessary parts for my endeavor.


WOW!!!  Remember that investment statement above? 


Well, these better be really good tomatoes!!! Not only was the wood, screws, weed guard, etc. more than I anticipated but I also put in a drip irrigation system and hauled some 'high-falutin' dirt in to be sure these were the best pampered plants in the universe. 

(Maybe I will receive a measure of forgiveness for the previously murdered plants) 


And a few days later ------- Voila (or however you spell that).  I have a planting area.

Fast forward to this week and you will see what I have accomplished.


(note the PRIDEFUL puffing of the chest and the longing for those accolades from readers)




There are lots of little green tomato guys hanging from the branches so we are getting that 'mouth watering' feeling in anticipation of a delightful harvest.  Stop by in a few weeks and we will share some with you.  O, the joys of summer.


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Melissa DeMoux said...

You may have to share with me because my sad little plants (which went in a while before yours I might add) are not looking anything like that. I'm glad you are having so much success, good work, Dad...and the grow boxes do look great (especially without marajuana).