Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Depression or WHAT?

Here it is, the day after the election and I’m moderately depressed.  Not so much so that I need medication but enough that life has a hopelessness that pervades my interior regions.

Not sure which is me, but both seem sad.

I really thought Mitt Romney had a good chance to begin a change in the way our country is being led.  And, I guess he did have a chance but it wasn't as good as some of us had hoped.  It seems that a majority of our friends and neighbors want to have a government that is more involved in our personal lives that I would like. 
I think he would have made a good/great President.

When Clinton was elected for the second time I had a little more hope because he had signaled that he was willing to let go of some of the most egregious parts of his political plans so he could build a coalition with the other side to get things done.  But I have seen nothing in the workings of the current president (or his cohorts in the Senate -- you listening Harry) to indicate that he gives one iota of thought to what is good for the country or for the place he will have in history.
Our country is sort of like this plane -- headed for trouble.

My only hope is that the people of our nation will eventually recognize bad government and decide it is time to make changes.  Of course, maybe they have decided that a “freedom based” government is old fashioned and bad for their lives.  Then the decisions of the current electorate make a little more sense but my personal feeling of hopelessness increases. 

Samuel the Lamanite -- just before the chapters listed below.
If things continue on the current road, I believe we may see a recurrence of the experiences described in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi chapters 6-7.  And the one good thing about that might be the coming of the Lord (for the Second time)

Don’t worry, tomorrow I will be better and the sadness of this experience will dissipate.  Hope you have a better day and can see a bright future ahead.  

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