Thursday, November 8, 2012


An associate shared an email he received the other day from a distraught friend.  This friend is a medical man who has also served in the military and has studied many of the modern prophets’ words concerning the evolution and divinity of the United States.  Many have prophesied that this nation will stand as a beacon of truth to the world when the end seems to be upon us and will stand for righteousness when the world appears headed for destruction.

But the circumstances of our most recent election fly in the face of many of those teachings.  How can The United States of America lead righteously when it seems that the decision makers govern from a position defiant to the laws and teachings of God (think of abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization, etc.)? 

Asked for advice on what to share with his friend, I responded in the best voice I could muster (considering my own despondency with the results of this election).  These were my suggestions:

First, I believe in a God who will protect and preserve those who are seeking to put forth the truths of eternity.  There will be hard days and difficult decisions disguised by unfathomable deceits, but there will always be answers that will be based in the Faith we have in Christ.

Second, I already know who is going to win this battle.  The forces of evil (yes, I’m thinking of some who currently govern our country) will have their day of glory and celebration, but in the end, the works of God will be victorious and all will find peace.  There is no doubt who will lose!!!

Thirdly, while I am confident that God will win, I am not completely privy to the process by which He will attain victory.  I suppose there could be some part of the Plan of Salvation that includes the election of some who are now in positions of power.  Or, it is possible that the current circumstances are a way of setting up the nation for an experience that will result in even more changes for the better.  I DON’T KNOW!!!  But I have faith that we are not abandoned.

Anyway, that was my response to my associate’s query of how this could be happening to the greatest nation in the world.  I will not despair nor will I cease to try for changes that I believe will improve our world.  We are children of God and He has not sent us here to fail.  My grandchildren deserve the best we can offer and that is not in their field of vision today.  With a little work, it will be again one day.

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Melissa DeMoux said...

Aw, thanks for being concerned for my little ones. Thankfully we have a Father in Heaven who adores us and will help us through our struggles whatever they are...personal, national or whatever else.