Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am the eldest of 10 children.  One brother passed away two days after birth and the rest of us have lived in relatively good health for the past 35+ years.  Today marks the passing of the first of our remaining siblings – the youngest of us all – Claire Pauline Whitmer.

Taken at our Parent's 50th Anniversary Celebration.
Polly is on the back row, left end, right behind Mike.

Few details have come this far north but it appears she had a heart attack and did not recover.  She is survived by her beloved husband Chris and her four children.  It seems wrong for someone as alive and excited about life as Polly was to suddenly be gone from our presence.  I know that is how life is ….. but I don’t have to like it.

Polly was born just a month before I came home from my mission so I wasn't around much during her growing up years.  When she graduated from High School she came to live one summer in our home while she earned some money for school.  She and Chris also lived in Utah for a time shortly after they were married.  My recollections of her will always be of a happy, vivacious and very energetic young woman with a heart big enough for all her kids and anyone else’s who would let her love them.  She definitely will be missed.

We Love you Polly and pray that you will have things ready for us when we get there.
Your big brother -- -Mike

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