Monday, December 31, 2012


The “Fiscal Cliff” is approaching (just hours from now) and still there is no agreement between our “leaders” (not sure how much they lead and how much they just enjoy the benefits of their positions).

It is a very hard thing to run a country with 300+ million people --  So many diverging ideas on how things should work and what should be done.

For example, consider these questions:

Is government welfare assistance a blessing to the needy or are we just promulgating bad habits?

Why do a select few have an excessive amount of wealth while others are suffering the ravages of poverty?

Can an individual or family maintain a sense of community without offering some of their abundance to those who struggle with life?

How can individuals make a difference in the way things are done in each of these situations?

I have my own feelings about the state of our Union and I sense that things are spiraling to something we don’t really want to have.  When nearly half our country receives some form of government assistance, I believe we have created an environment that will eventually destroy all the good this country was made to provide. 

But I also believe that there are people who truly need assistance in order to survive.  Their lives are difficult and require our help.  I’m POSITIVE that government is not the place to put the burden of the needy – government programs are too inefficient and lose track of individuality in the process.  And when assistance becomes impersonal, it also becomes a right and not just a blessing.

There are lots of questions running through my head right now and I guess I will have to ponder and consider what I’m going to do.  What suggestions might you offer?

BTW, Happy New Year – 2013 is upon us.

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