Monday, December 17, 2012


Yesterday being the Sabbath, my sweetheart and I arrived at our ward building a few minutes early and sat in our designated pew (OK, we don’t do that in our ward but people know where we are supposed to sit and they don’t violate our space J).  Glancing around, I noticed that one of our High Councilmen was sitting on the stand.  I queried Teresa thusly:

     ME: Is this High Council Sunday?
     HER: It looks like it.
ME: Would you mind checking the program and seeing who is the companion speaker.
HER: Why, it appears your name is listed in the program today.
ME: (Panic on my face) I’ll be back!!!

I quickly rushed to the foyer and began preparing a message for our meeting.  Fortunately there was some divine help sprinkled my way and several things fell into place so I could get a talk ready.

Teresa told me I did alright but it was a very embarrassing experience (first time ever forgetting an assignment to talk).  I did confess my failings to the congregation and they were kind in their comments after the meeting but I think my efforts were mediocre at best.  Thank heavens (literally) for the tender mercies offered by the Lord in our most inadequate moments.  Hope I never need that kind of help again.

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