Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Kevin and Jenny have purchased a new (to them) home and are so excited for the chance to get out of our little apartment.  It’s a nice house and has lots of room for the whole family but they want to add a couple of things.

For the past few days we have been working on their basement, making a bedroom, bath and some other places.  It has been fun………. Well sort of!!  All those years of experience working on our own home have come in handy. 

The little boys (Hayden and Tanner) are so thrilled to have their own rooms and lots of places to play.  Tanner just runs from room to room, checking things out and playing with the new stuff.  And Jenny is practically glowing for all the changes that she anticipates.  Such a wonderful time – finding yourself in a new home of your own.

Congratulations to our marvelous children for finally making the shift from apartment to house.  We are so proud of them and all they have accomplished.


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