Thursday, January 10, 2013


Like most men over 40, the lenses in my eyes have been deteriorating for the past few years.  Until recently store bought reading glasses were sufficient for my needs.  BUUUUT, it seems my eyes are hardening me to a greater degree than ever before.

This actually looks like a student I had one year
Wouldn't this be cool to see staring back
Sometimes as I sit in class, I look at my students and wonder why they have such strange styles with their hair and make-up.  Many appear to have frizzy fringes around their face and the colors of their eyes are like someone sprayed water and things dripped.  But when I ask them about it, they just give me strange looks.

More like what I was seeing

So I went to the eye-guy and he says I’m not seeing things very clearly, especially from long distance.  Diagnosis – my eyes are weird, not the kids. 

O my golly, someone’s pride is hurt. Only old people have to wear glasses all the time.  Reading glasses are sort of cool but this ----- this really stinks!!!

The 'New Me' without a smile -- Well, Melissa and Teresa
say I can't smile so what the heck.

So far it hasn't been extremely bad but I sure struggle with the “progressive” lens – I’m really more of a “conservative” guy.  Maybe someone can invent glasses like that for people like me. J


Melissa DeMoux said...

Not old, distinguished. I like em.

The Whitmer's said...

Thanks Ratso, I suppose I will get used to them.