Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday marked a new experience for me in regards to the weather here in Utah.  We have been experiencing unusually cold days and lots of yucky smog that makes it hard to breathe. But we are used to that because of our valley inversions.

When I left the house at 6:45 am to go off to the Jr. High, there was a light rain falling but it seemed very different.  There was a weight to the rain that I did not recognize.  After class, I went out to my truck to make the trip to the High School and noticed my windows were covered with frost.  EXCEPT, it wasn’t frost.

Imagine this on the windshield -- That's what I was trying
to see through.
My ice scraper didn’t work very well because there was a thin sheet of ice covering the whole of the windshield.  I had to break the large piece of ice and then remove the smaller chunks in order to get a clear viewing area.

I have often heard of “freezing rain” but until yesterday I had never experienced the phenomenon.  Very strange!!!  Sure glad it doesn’t come out here very often.

This is a street at the UofU.  Notice the sheets of ice.

Teresa and I noticed another odd thing caused by our little weather episode.  All of the yards we passed had this crusty snow that had taken on the appearance of cake icing.  And when the car lights shone on it, it glistened and glittered like something magical.  Pretty cool looking and sort of surreal – Salvador Dali-like.

Thankfully, we did NOT experience this:

I guess sometimes the ice builds up and power lines
snap and fall to the ground.
All this is probably caused by the silly “Global Warming” theory I keep hearing about.  NOT!!!

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